What are Facebook Message tags?

What are Facebook Message tags?

In the current technology-obsessed world, are you using the available business communication channels to the best of your ability? Are you using them to your full advantage? And when it comes to Facebook, do you know about message tags and how to use them properly?

Facebook for business

Facebook has been around since 2006, when it was launched for personal use. Over the past decade, it has expanded in ways that no one (with the exception of Mark Zuckerberg) expected. From humble days as a simple social network, it’s now one of the largest corporations in the world. Zuckerberg has been quoted as saying he knew it was a viable business from the start. He’s been proven right. As well as being viable for Zuckerberg and his staff, the platform is now helping businesses expand their marketing and allowing them to increase their visibility worldwide. If you’re not on board with Facebook and Facebook tagging, it’s time to get started!

Business Pages

A Facebook business page is set up in exactly the same way as a personal page.  In fact, business accounts must be linked through a personal page in order to be built. A basic business page will list your category (construction, store, service, etc.), opening dates and times, if applicable, and contact details. These will be used as basic information for customers.

From there, it’s a good idea to add photos to brighten up the page. This will comprise your photo, and a cover picture. Also, add your logo or photos of stock or products to give a clear indication of what it is you offer.

Business and Clients

FB encourages businesses to respond to their customers as promptly as possible once they are contacted.

One of the easiest ways for customers to contact a business is through the messenger.

Once your business was messaged by a customer you have 24 hours to reply. (see our 24 hour rule article). During these 24 hours you can send any promotional content you wish including deals, sales promotions, offers, coupons etc. Just make sure you do not bombard your customers and treat them respectfully.   

Outside this 24 hour window you can either use a sponsored message or message tags.

Message Tags

Facebook introduced a new tagging system in August 2019. This allows businesses to make contact with users outside of the standard window for messaging. The message tags allow a business to contact customers with relevant information and updates as they wish. Whilst they are still encouraged to respond within the first 24 hours of contact, the new tags do allow a bit of flexibility where this is concerned.  Facebook’s terms and conditions still require all promotional information to be sent within the standard window. The new tags allow reminders, confirmation of attendance at events, confirmation of reservations, cancellation notifications and other useful tags that will undoubtedly be appreciated by customers. Falling foul of the new tagging system and using them to send deals or sales information could result in a business page being taken offline or restricted for a period of time.

Gizmi helps you use these Message tags and has pre-created 3 templates that use the “confirmed event update”-tag which allows you to simply notify your clients about an appointment they’ve already registered for, for example to remind them about the next session or any updates in class or session hours.

For a list of all the current relevant message tags, please see Facebook’s own article about Message Tags.

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