Why You Should Use Facebook Messenger to Talk to Your Customers

Why You Should Use Facebook Messenger to Talk to Your Customers

Facebook had been around for more than a decade, and there’s no debating it transformed the way people interact with each other.  Not only had it helped to strengthen personal relationships, but it’s also assisting businesses to develop strong channels with their customers through the messaging service. 

Free and easy

Facebook messenger is a free and easy way to communicate with business customers. Once you’ve set up your business page, as soon as a customer or potential lead clicks on to your page, the messenger tab will pop up on their screen. This lets them know there’s an easy and convenient way for them to get in touch with you. Whether it’s just asking for pricing, opening dates and times, or asking for quotes or some work to be done, the Facebook messenger service is revolutionizing the way you reach out and speak to your customer base. Once you have a system in place, you can use the 24 hour rule and make contact with anyone who likes your page. This allows you a full day window to interact, promote yourself and your business, and let people know of any special deals or seasonal offers you have on the go. It encourages business leads and can keep you at the forefront of someone’s mind. The messenger service is faster than traditional texting and keeps an ongoing record of your entire conversation. This way, you can easily track back and see what’s been said before.

Professional but friendly tone

It can be all too easy to use your usual text speak when working with Facebook messenger. However, it’s important that you NOT do that. You cannot speak to your potential leads in the same way you would your friends and family. They are, after all, customers and must be dealt with in a professional manner at all times – regardless of the method of communication being used. Keep your tone professional, but keep it light and friendly. Never use text speak or abbreviations and type out all the words you use in their full format, as you would do with an email or letter. Although Facebook messenger can win your business and keep you in immediate touch with people, you do not want to alienate anyone with the incorrect use of language, or by using abbreviations they are not familiar with. Your language has to be something that everyone understands, regardless of age or gender.

Respond Quickly, but thoughtfully

It’s great to use the system, but it must be done carefully. Having a stressful day and sending a message just to say you’ve responded isn’t a good idea. Although the instant nature of the system means you have to be available quicker than with email, you must use it appropriately. A ‘get back soon’ message is unlikely to be enough to hold off an inquiry. This is where Facebook’s auto reply service can come in handy. Messenger allows you to schedule a standard response to anyone who contacts you when you do not have time to respond immediately. It may be that you have to research answers or prices, so this holding message works wonders. It lets them know you have the message and will respond soon.


Facebook messenger is a valuable free resource that can help small businesses to quickly and efficiently communicate with their valuable customers. It’s easy to use, and the instant nature of the system gives both you and your customer base and quick and reliable way to keep in touch, solve problems and build a long lasting-relationship.

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