Schedule a message
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Schedule a message

Good to know

  • You can schedule a message to one or more recipients.
  • You can edit, delete and reschedule your message at any time.
  • When you choose a template to send, you can customize the template message text before sending it.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to “Communicate” in the side menu.

2. Click on the “Scheduled Message” tab.
3. Click on the “Create New” button.

4. If you’re sending a message that you send often, you can create and select one of your ready templates to save time on writing the same message.

5. To send reminders or updates for set appointments you can use a Gizmi-template, please see the article “How to use Gizmi templates” .

4. Give your message a name.
The template name is only visible in Gizmi and will not be seen by the recipient.

4. Type your message.
If you used a template, this area will already show the ready message text.

5. Select Date and Time for when the message will be sent.

6. Add one or more recipients for your message.
You can also start typing the name in the recipient field to narrow down the list.

7. If you want, you can also attach a file to your message by clicking the “paperclip” icon and selecting a file.

8. Save your message.
If your message is ready to schedule, click “Save”.
If you want to work more on your message before scheduling it, use the option “Save as draft”.

9. View, edit or delete your new template in the table.

Scheduling a message is a great way to plan your daily communication, send reminders or a personal message at the right time for your customer, even if you’re not available.

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