Send Files, Videos and Images

Send Files, Videos and Images

Good to know

  • You can send any type of attachment, a document, image, video, gif…
  • It’s not possible to attach a file to a Gizmi template.

Step-by-step instructions

Attach a file in a Direct Message (chat)

1. To attach or send a file in a chat message – go to “Communicate” in the side menu, and stay on the tab “Direct Messaging”.

2. Click on the contact you want to send a file to.

3. Next to the text input field, click the “Paperclip” icon.

4. Select the attachment (file, image etc.) from your device. To send, click the “Send”-icon on the right.

You can remove the file without sending by clicking on the X.

Attach a file to a Scheduled Message

1. Create a scheduled message.

2. Click “Attach File” and select a file from your device.

3. Save your message.

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